Sunday, October 26, 2008

In conversation - And it just keeps getting better people

Boys and girls ... I present to you the effects of alcohol. 

Wayne: My friends and I have a game, everytime someone says something remotely sexual someone responds with that's what she said.

Wayne doing the Eric Cartman 

Wayne as EC: Skinny ass ... I'm going home
Shirin: That's too short
Me: Yeah that's what SHE said. 

And now we return to our regular scheduled programming:

I wish I had ninja search skills ... 

wayne.rée says: (5:27:03 PM)
i have a picture of me in a spider-man costume when i was five years old, one of me in a britney like tied up t-shirt dancing with another guy, one of me with a tire around my waist and boots tied around my neck and one of me in drag. at this point, you REALLY think me in make up is a surprise or a shock to ANYONE?
*hsus - SoPPy says: (5:29:32 PM)
i doubt so
*hsus - SoPPy says: (5:29:37 PM)
u got me at britney
*hsus - SoPPy says: (5:29:47 PM)
really now ... britney?!

Right now I'd love to get my hands on that Britney pic, I should make that my life long goal. 

Reason 5 on why I think Wayne is a lesbian continued ...

His ex girlfriend The last girl he slept with was one. Makes the transition to date men all the more easier. Baby steps now. 

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