Thursday, October 16, 2008

Making something out of nothing

Sometimes, I'm amused at how I amuse myself.

Like yesterday in class, as usual KL bombed. Soo reckons she could probably recite the lecture while having sex. I countered by saying something really nasty ** and that she probably wouldn't be having any sex.

Image used with permission from Joey Hohoho

Anyhow, here's a list of Questionable Notes that I took down during the lecture, because I'm so hardworking.

  • Uncontrollable urges

  • Mail Male shorts (I was imagining the super short type)

  • Move in (It sounds really sexy if you say it right at an opportuned time)

  • Gorrila marketing (ok this was just dumb)

  • Climax

  • When you do it at the bus stop ... with people watching (This is so kinky when taken out of context)

  • Boost sagging ...

  • Personal selling (sounds like self prostitution)

  • Mail Male bleeds (sounds like male menstruation)

  • Stroke their ego

  • Super agency urgency

  • High impact message massage

  • planning shit (I forgot where this came from) She meant planning sheet

  • Tit bit

  • DIY

1 comment:

rice said...

tis is completely wicked!!! hahaha... i'm sure men "bleeds"... haha...