Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ate too much over the holiday.
I recalled a funny msn conversation with a former fatty on the topic of unattractiveness. I can't exactly recalled what transpired the conversation but it goes something along the lines of this.

Me: Minger
Him: I not fugly ok.
Me: I never call you fugly, I said minger. Minger is better than fugly.

On the scale of ugly we have: Unattractive, minger, ugly, fugly

NB: I remembered ... the conversation was about what would you do if an unattractive girl in bar tries to chat you up.
Note to self, chilli padi is an excellent digestive but it also burns your backside.

Inspired by the word of the day: Evidence

I traced the skin atop my shoulders to the nape of my neck where you planted a spoor of kisses. The reflection that mirrored looked nothing like me. My hair was disheveled with straying strands drooping from my chignon. Beads of my perspiration amalgamated with impressions of your potpourri of scents. A tiny night-old hickey was left just north of my right boob. As I lathered myself down with soap, and the cold water hit my skin, I felt cleansed again.

And only you will know of all the dirty things I did.

1 comment:

`duckling said...

thanks for that.

although it seems to me
there isn't an inverse relationship
between time and the pain.

but. LOL.

70 dog years. X)

*smile genuinely

(am up to my neck nowadays,
only managed to read ya blog today.
internship -_- now i'm typing all these away happily in the office alone where the management decides that central air-conditioning system shuts at 6pm sharp.)

ps. you're almost as bad as me.
(eating habits) i spray whipped cream into my mouth as snack.