Sunday, October 5, 2008


I've heard of the term bleeding heart but its not really like that.
Hurt is when you're so angry that your heart races.
You cut yourself and you don't feel pain.
Your head throbs with anger and frustration and your eyes blur from tears and delirium.


Edit: Thank you to those who have asked how I am. I am okay.
Hurt of this sort is like poison that consumes you. 
Do one thing to purge it out of your system.

Burn down his car, the pile of clothes that he's left at your place, play frisbee with the stack of CDs that you used to listen to together. Get inspiration off the internet.

Tip to all the men, next time you tell someone you want to get married and sort of cheat on her. You should probably tell her its over and not give some cliffhanger excuse like you know, maybe something will happen ... sometime, lay low for a while, change your name, your hair colour, move to another continent (and stay there). You might wanna really make sure that she's not an evil genius. Coz you know them evil geniuses are scary. 

And if you get someone like me ... I hit below the belt where it hurts. Self preservation as motivation works wonderfully as offense and defense. 

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