Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mental rest day.

I know isolation might sound like a horrible place to be for some people. Many of the friends I have are actually social butterflies. I on the other hand bask in anonymity. Fortunately for me, my last year of secondary school was more kind than the others and I guess its the good memories that will always remain. This is one of the few private sanctuaries I go to when I'm alone. This is what keeps me sane and reminds me of the measure of my journey.

Politics was never something I was interested in but I've got to admit the way VP hopeful Palin is playing the field is reminiscent of Miss Teen USA North Carolina 2007. I'd be damned if the maverick pair, Joe Six-pack and soccer mom win. I've gotta credit my strategic management lecturer for cultivating my interest in the excitement and media portrayal of campaigning. If not for him, I wouldn't be checking out SNL the vice presidential debate 2008.

Lastly, I really need to sit down and remap my options and routes. I succumbed to a panic attack yesterday with the impending interview, my horrible weekend and too much time to think. It was as if I see my life flashing past me like a horrible car crash in slow mo'.

Some thoughts about my deed over the weekend: I cannot apologize for what I did because again, I was just doing the dirty work. As Dean once told me, "cannot live without is a strong feeling." I owed it to myself to do the thing you couldn't do, the right thing - Set me free. Lying by omission is still lying, you don't lie to hurt people you love, you don't prolong pain. You knew how I felt and you took advantage of it. What I did was immoral, underhand and down right dirty. Look at the battle of Troy, lives have been lost for the very same reason. The only reason I am in hiding is because I wanted to calm the turmoil to find peace within so that I can make rational decisions. I apologize if I am not in the best of mood for chats, I think it is critical that I pay my dues and give time to heal and before you know it, I'll be back on track.

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