Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spiralling down the rabbit hole

Robin Scherbatsky: You know what? You gave it away too early. You're an "I love you" slut.

Ted Mosby: Yeah, well you're an "I love you" prude. You know what? I'm taking mine back.

Robin Scherbatsky: You can't do that!

Ted Mosby: Just did. In fact, I'm giving it away, because I'm a slut.

[to a stranger]

Ted Mosby: Hey, I love you.

I faltered. I didn’t want to pull a Ted Mosby. The right words came too quick too soon. My mind was racing and the words swirled in my mouth while I deliberated what to say. I was being so PC I wanted to smack myself and yet in his presence I was who I was, completely disarmed. I guess the question is … was he who he was with me? I couldn’t tell. I wanted hold on to that moment for as long as I could and never let go. It scares me that I feel this way – a crazy kind of beautiful.


Anonymous said...

i is anonymous..

when love knocks on your door,
come out from the rabbit hole,
and embrace the one on the other side of the door


SoPPy~! said...

Very funny Dean.

`duckling said...